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In just three years of existence, Bannanna already has a significant visibility in the national beachwear market, in addition to loyal and satisfied customers, who fill us with positive feedbacks.

The reason for this success? The valorization of the Brazilian identity in the concept and in the choice of the elements of the pieces, allied to the commitment of our team to deliver the best in each stage of the creation of swimwear, from the conception of the product to the packaging in which it reaches you.

The fabrics used are handpicked to ensure freshness, water and chlorine resistance and excellent durability.




All swimwear in the Premium Line is based on FLUITY® fabric, which, as the name suggests, is really fluid and light. This superfine fabric, made with polyamide, microfiber and Lycra, makes all the difference in the elasticity and touch of the garment, which has a silky and “chilled” appearance. Softness, freshness and comfort guaranteed!

The Basic Line has the Lycra LIGHT® base, a reference in high quality fabrics for beachwear and outdoor sports pieces. In addition to having UV protection, it is made with Amni® and Lycra® polyamide yarn, a combination that ensures soft texture, balanced elasticity and thermal comfort, this guarantee rapid heat and moisture transmission between the body and the fabric.

  • LINE E
Developed from recovered fabrics, obtained from stocks of partner suppliers, it was possible to create swimwear that maintains quality and sustainability, our main values.


Our resort wear line is developed prioritizing the comfort and lightness that summer pieces demand, we use high quality raw materials in our process to create sophisticated pieces that complement the beach looks.



Bannanna makes a point of offering practicality, exclusivity and sustainability in its swimwear and, believe, the bags that accompany them too! After all, our environmental commitment is really taken seriously and applied to everything we produce.

  • Made with organic and recyclable materials
  • Simple and functional (perfect for that walk on the beach)
  • Size designed to take your cell phone, sunscreen, keys.


Unfortunately, the fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment, since it is responsible for 10% of global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO²), which negatively affect the entire planet, contributing, even, to global warming.

Bannanna goes against this irresponsible overproduction and prioritizes sustainable practices, which value the conscious and ecological production of products.



All the fabrics used in our swimwear are part of the CO² CONTROL® family, known for its transparency in including traceable items throughout the production cycle, from the origin of the raw material to the completion of the yarn, thus collaborating with a friendly manufacture in relation to nature.


Our swimwear fabrics are composed of Amni Soul Eco®, a biodegradable polyamide yarn that reduces the decomposition of fabrics for up to a maximum of three years - when they are properly disposed of in landfills. Conventional polyamide yarns take decades to decompose.


Did you know that textile sun protection has been increasingly recommended by dermatologists? It is important because it blocks UVB and UVA rays, which cause redness, burns and even more serious damage to our skin.

Bannanna swimwear has +50 FPU (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). And this protection does not come off as the parts are washed! The fabric thread is enriched with an element called Titanic Dioxide, responsible for keeping your skin safe.

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