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Be Summer

For us, summer is more than a season: it is a state of mind.

Therefore, rather than feeling the freedom, energy and lightness of summer, we believe that sun lovers should wear summer.

It was from this perspective that Bannanna emerged, a beachwear brand made for free men and, like us, value nature in all its nuances and manifestations.
The warm and refreshing personality of the Brazilian summer has inspired the colors, shaping and finishing of our products, which are handmade and crafted with high quality ecological raw materials.

Precisely because of this sustainable care that we have regarding the choice of fabrics and the processes of making, Bannanna's swim trunks are exclusive, produced in a very limited quantity and without possibility of replacement.
This is our commitment: to deliver comfort and style in unique, bold and ecologically responsible pieces that bring into your DNA the essence of Brazil's best: SUMMER.

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